WENDY SUPREME DK - A Kaleidoscope of Colours

Comprehensive Summary/Overview: 

Delve into a world of colour with Wendy Supreme DK. This premium 100% acrylic yarn offers a stunning spectrum of shades, perfect for bringing your crochet projects to vibrant life. 

From playful home decor and blankets to stylish garments, the rich and diverse colours of Wendy Supreme DK inspire endless creative possibilities.

Extensive Features List:

  • Vibrant Colour Selection: A wide array of shades to match every mood and design.
  • Quality Acrylic Material: Ensures lasting colour and durability in every project.
  • Crochet Adaptability: Ideal for both intricate patterns and bold, simple designs.
  • Easy Care: Convenience with machine washability and tumble dryer compatibility.
  • Softness for Comfort: Gentle on skin, suitable for all ages and sensitivities.
  • Generous Yarn Supply: Ample amount in each skein for substantial projects.
  • Perfect DK Weight: The go-to thickness for balanced texture in crochet work.

Detailed 'Why You Should Buy' Section:

With Wendy Supreme DK, your crochet projects will burst into life with colour. Each skein is a testament to the joy of crochet, offering a hue for every inspiration. 

Whether you're crafting a seasonal piece, a fashion statement, or a cherished gift, the rich, lasting colours of this yarn ensure your creations stand out. Embrace the colour revolution with Wendy Supreme DK – your palette for extraordinary crochet projects.


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