Colour Theory Blanket CAL Week 4


Colour Theory Blanket CAL Week 4

Week 4: Decreasing  

Row 123

CH3, turn, skip the 1st CHSP, place a 3DC-cluster in between the clusters of the row below until you reach the end of the row, do NOT place a cluster in the CHSP at the end of the row, CH1, 1DC into the 2nd chain of the turning chain in the row below. (79 clusters)

Row 124 - 201

Repeat Row 123

Please note

Every row will decrease by 1 cluster until you have just one left over. 

So Row 124 will have 78 clusters, Row 125 77 clusters etc.  Please check the colour table. 

Row 202 

CH3, turn, 1DC into the 2nd chain of the turning chain in the row below. (0 clusters) 

Find out the colours for every row in the table below. 

Please note: 

Every colour has a different amount of rows, so check for each colour how many rows you are doing.  Tick off the rows as you go along. Place a stitch marker every 10 rows to help you keep track. 

The ‘CH3’ stands for a double crochet (first two chains) and a CH for the CHSP. 

How to change colour 

On the last DC of the row, do not do the last pull through but use the new colour to do the last pull through. 

No mention is made of cutting off the yarn as you will have to do that according to the colour table. So each time you change colours cut it off and remember to sew in the ends at regular intervals!

Please remember you are not changing colours every row! Check the table below. 

At the end of the week:

Make sure you have sewn in all your ends!

Your blanket will look like this 

And measurements are 


The blanket weighs 

Without border 992 g 

The blanket measures 

Without border 

In cm 108 x 172 cm 

In inches 42.5 x 67.7 inches 

Colour Table (2 tables)


SK    SlipKnot

CH    Chain

SS     Slipstitch

DC     Double Crochet

Cluster Three Double Crochets in one location

CHSP    Chainspace