Colour Theory Blanket CAL Week 6


Colour Theory Blanket CAL Week 6

Week 6: Border embellishment 

Take the 15 balls of colour and using the same order as we did for the blanket, make a CH of 40 cm/ 15 inch in each of the colours, leave the ends hanging out at about 15 cm/ 5 inch, also leaving the loops in.  You will use these to attach the chains together once woven into the blanket.

Before you start weaving these chain strands into the boxes row, lay these strands on your blanket over the boxes row to ensure a correct fit, and correct colour order. 

Starting with the first chain, in Citron, weave it in and out of the boxes row. 

Then taking the next colour chain, Sunshine, attach it to the end of the Citron and continue weaving, also weaving in the ends into the CH of the same colour. 

Continue like this in the same colour order as we have been using and weave in the ends as you go, make sure you do not attach it to the Black. 

When you get to the end attach the Mustard to the Citron and weave in the ends.