Autumn Walk Blanket CAL: Week 3 - Finding the Fungi & Toadstools


Autumn Walk Blanket CAL: Week 3 - Finding the Fungi & Toadstools

Week 3

Finding the fungi and toadstools 


Then we’d go through the gate and we would walk back along the oak trees, towards the other side of the woods, often if it had been raining we would see toadstools here. 

Sometimes, if we were lucky enough to be here when they appeared, we would gather some chanterelles for Moeke, she would fry them up in a pan, and ooh how delicious were they? But best not to collect the toadstools or any other specimen that we didn’t quite recognise. Our friend the fox would be hiding here often too.

I now live really close to the sea and when we first moved here, whenever we went for a walk along the seashore, I had to pick up some shells to take home, I wonder why? I don’t get so much opportunity for walking in the woods now, but every autumn I do drive out to nearby woods and I go for a walk and see the colouring and pick up some leaves. 

Maybe even find some toadstools and boletes. I don’t tend to bring back pockets full of treasure anymore, I just take loads of pictures and cherish those… The place I particularly like to go to is Woodbury Castle, and the funny thing about it is, there isn’t even a castle there… Actually going out and doing the filming I have started gathering things in my basket again… I just love the autumn and all it’s colourings and bounty. 

It brings back so many memories.

Finding the fungi and toadstools

The stitch used in this section of the blanket represent the fungi and boletus growing on the tree trunks and the toadstools with their stem and cap.


Please note: consult the table for the colour changes! 


Row 56: CH2, turn,*1 HDC on top of the DCs of the shell and when the CHSP comes up, do the HDC around it*, repeat *-* to end. (197)

Row 57: CH2, turn, 1DC in the next 5st, *sk1, 1DC in the next 3st, 1DC in the skipped st, 1DC in the next 5st* repeat *-* to end, adding 2DC to finish the row.  (197)

Row 58: CH2, HDC in each stitch to end, (197)


Row 59: CH2, turn, 1DC in next 2 st *sk2, 2DC 1CH 2DC in the 3rd st, sk2, 1DC in 3rd st*, repeat * - * to end, 1DC in the last 2 st. (32 repeats, 3DC at start, 2DC at end)

Row 60: CH2, turn, 1DC in next st, 3DC in next st, 1DC in CHSP of shell below * 2DC 1CH 2DC on top of DC in row below, 1DC in CHSP of shell below*, repeat *-* to end, ending in 3 DC on top of last DC from the repeat, 1DC in the last 2 st.

Row 61: CH2, turn, 1DC in next 2 st *2DC 1CH 2DC on top of the DC below, 1DC in the CHSP of the next shell, repeat * - * to end, 1DC in the last 2 st. (32 repeats, 3DC at start, 2DC at end)

Row 62 - 83: repeat 60 and 61 alternatively as indicated in the table below where you also find the colours.

End in a row 61. 


Let's just say row 84 went for a walk...  LOL

Quite a few foxy colours here …



6 plus 5, 197 stitches, 32 repeats


9 plus 8,   21 repeats 

I hope that you enjoyed this part of the walk collecting mushrooms with my grandpa and me and that you were able to have some crochet me-time along the way. 

Please don’t hold back posting your progress updates in the group Ophelia Talks Crochet on Facebook.

I am so looking forward to next week…

Anja xxx