GREENWAY CAL: "The Case Of The Mysteriously Disappearing Blanket"


GREENWAY CAL: "The Case Of The Mysteriously Disappearing Blanket"

The Enigmatic Tale Behind Our Latest CAL Yarn Packs

Greetings, crochet enthusiasts!

We're thrilled to invite you on a crafting journey unlike any other. Inspired by the gripping tale, "The Case of the Mysteriously Disappearing Blanket at Greenway," we have crafted exclusive CAL (Crochet-a-Long) Yarn Packs, and they're weaving quite the sensation!

The Inspiration

"The Case of the Mysteriously Disappearing Blanket at Greenway" is a captivating story that revolves around a beautiful, intricately crocheted blanket that goes missing at the grand Greenway estate. The narrative pays homage to some of literature's most legendary detectives, with an Agatha Christie-esque touch of intrigue.

What's in the Yarn Pack?

With each yarn pack tailored to evoke the enchantment and mystery of Greenway, here’s what you can expect:

  1. 15 Balls of Acrylic DK Yarn: Enough to ensure you can craft your project from start to finish without running short.
  2. Twin Choices - Wendy Supreme DK & Stylecraft Special DK: Whether you opt for the Wendy Supreme DK or the Stylecraft Special DK, both packs come in matching, story-inspired colours.

Why Join the CAL Mystery?

Craft the Tale: As you stitch, you'll be recreating elements from the story, embodying the narrative in your very own crochet creation.

Community & Support: There’s something magical about crafting alongside a community. Share your progress, seek guidance, and revel in the collective creativity of fellow crocheters. The CAL will start on 22 September and will run for 6 weeks.

Exclusivity: These yarn packs are an exclusive treat. Yarn packs are for sale on our Website only. So why not treat yourself to 6 weeks of crochetainment and own a piece of the Greenway mystery!

A Stitch in Time...

If you're a fan of mysteries, love crochet, or simply can’t resist exclusive, high-quality yarn packs, this CAL is for you. As you work through each ball of yarn, you'll not just be crafting a beautiful piece, but you'll be stitching a tale, bringing the mystery of Greenway to life.

Unravel the Mystery with Us!

There's no better time to indulge in a new project, especially one as intriguing as this. Order your CAL Yarn Pack today and join us in weaving a tale that's as engaging to craft as it is to tell.

Happy crocheting!