Week 5: Lydia 

Please note

We won’t necessarily use every colour this week so don’t worry. 

Turning chain: CH1 is used for our turning CH, this chain is then disregarded and just not used anymore, you do however place your first st of the row in the same stitch that CH1 is coming out of

Place a stitch marker in it after creating this very first stitch so you know which stitch is your last one when you come back.

As we are doing different things in each row, it is easy to lose stitches. I suggest you count your repeats in the ‘special’ rows. So you only have to count to 64 or 96 or 38. 

That way you keep on top of checking that you are still doing the correct amount of stitches in each row. Using stitch markers will also be a great help. 

Changing colour: undo or don’t do the last pull through of the last st, and just start using the next colour.


Row Lydia 1: CH1, turn, 1HDC in every st to end, (194) (oh dear, I did DCs in the video, but do follow the written pattern!)

Row Lydia 2: CH1, turn, 1DC in the same st, *1DC in each of the next two st, KISS over 3 st (see Key)*, repeat *-* to end, 1DC in the last 3 st.  (38 reps) 

Row Lydia 3: CH1, turn, 1DC in every st to end, (194)

Row Lydia 4: CH1, turn, 1DC, *CH1, sk1, Elizabeth Bean in the next st (see Key)*, repeat *-* to end, 1DC in last st.  (96 reps)

Row Lydia 5: CH1, turn, 1DC in every st to end, (194)

Repeat rows 1-5 six times in total (Lydia 1 to 5 in the colours table)

Colours Rows 121 to 150 



American Terminology

CH     Chain 

HDC    Half Double Crochet 

DC    Double Crochet

sk    skip

st     stitch

*-*     repeat what’s between the *

Reps     repeats

YO    yarn over 

PU    pull up

KISS    sk2, 1DC in third st, CH1, 1DC in the first skipped stitch. 

Elizabeth Bean Insert, PU, YO, insert PU, YO, insert, PU, YO and pull through the 6 loops on your hook. 

Colour Table

Enjoy your crochet time, enjoy the journey and work at your own pace. Lizzie can be very patient and she loves being created by soothing, caring hands. Show us your progress in the Facebook group and if you have any questions or problems, you will receive support there. 

Thank you for taking part and I can't wait to see all the Lizzies coming to life all around the world. 

Happy crocheting, 

Anja xx