We are starting another CAL or better crochet-a-long in a few weeks. This time I based the project on one of my all-time favourite films: Pride and Prejudice. I have watched this film countless times, I used to have it on DVD and I was always playing it. I have watched it, I’ve listened to it. I have crocheted to it, I’ve cleaned to it!!! I have looked at it at so many different levels: I love the characters, the scenes, the locations, the music…. And now of course I have it digitally, at the touch of a button.

A few months ago, I was quite happily crocheting away on some project or other and of course, the film Pride and Prejudice was playing in the background and I was listening to it and I was just looking up to when my favourite scenes would appear and then at one point I looked up and all I saw was the colour. 

I caught the colour of the walls, the colour of her dress, the colour of the background and I was amazed at what I saw. 

You know some people post a picture and then they ask can someone translate this into a list of Stylecraft Special DK colours?  

Well, I started looking at the film in Stylecraft Special DK colours.


I saw some more scenes and I noticed the Duck Egg walls, a Pistachio dress and even the Apple’s glorious green. This intrigued me and I kept watching and all I kept seeing was the colours! And I kept translating them into the Stylecraft Special DK colours and it honestly did not take long before the peg basket came out and by the end of the film, I had all the colours selected! 

So of course I would love for you to watch Pride and Prejudice. Obviously there is no obligation and it is not a requirement to have seen the film to take part in the CAL, but if it happens to appear in a list of films of a service where you already subscribe to I would encourage you to just press that button and watch it. You don’t need to watch it for the story or the characters or the other many levels that I love about this film but just watch it for the colours. Look at the colours and try to find the SSDK colours. The colours are glorious the whole film through. 

So about the CAL… 

We are going to translate this film into its Stylecraft Special DK colours and we are going to recreate the film in our blanket. The colours are completely chosen according to the colours that I saw in the film and the order of the colours is going to be the order that they appear more or less in the film so you’ll be able to tell the story of the film when you look at the blanket 

I have come up with a wonderful way of incorporating some lovely interesting stitches into the blanket. So there will be structure, there will be small openings, there will be interesting bits. There will be boring bits too and all that together will make that blanket really enjoyable to make. AND there will be NO ENDS to sew in. I promise! This CAL is suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced.

We will be working over six weeks, making a part of the blanket each time.  Mr and Mrs Bennett have five daughters so every week will be called according to a daughter Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia and then, of course, there is Mr Darcy. He’s going to be transformed into the border. 

The CAL is called Lizzie, according to Elizabeth the main character in the film.

The Lizzie Colour Pack will be available as a permanent pack on our website as of today 13 August 2021 and there is a link in the description box below if you want to purchase the yarn for this CAL.

The Lookbook will come out on 18 August 2021.

The CAL will start on Friday 24 September 2021.

The CAL will take 6 weeks. We will have weekly videos for the blanket parts and then two videos for the border. There will be no ends to sew in!!

There are 15 colours of SSDK in the Lizzie Yarn Pack, all representing the colours I see in the film Pride and Prejudice. There will not be much rhyme or reason to the order of the colours that we will be using in the blanket because of course, they are in the order as they appear in the film. 

You can of course make this in your own yarn from your stash. Just try and choose some colours that you really love and you’ll just have to substitute them or even just use any order that you like, the stitches and the way we are going to be alternating the interesting rows will make that you can do this with your own colours as well. 

What else do you need? You will need your usual hook that you use for SSDK, scissors and stitch markers and a ball of some leftover yarn, any colour, preferably DK! It’s not going to be used in the actual blanket you just needed for during the tutorials. You will see what I mean later on when we get started.  

Where do you find the information? The videos will be on my Channel Ophelia Talks, in the description box there are links to the webshop for the yarn, and each week the link for the pattern on my blog. 

The videos and blog posts will remain available forever for those who want to work on this CAL at their own pace or in case you want to make it again! The pattern will also be sold afterwards for those of you who like to keep an embellished paper copy. 

I hope you will enjoy the concept of this CAL and join me from 24 September onwards in the videos and blog to create the weekly parts. 

Enjoy your crochet time, 

Anja xxx