Mystery CAL 2021 Week 6 A: Assembly Part 1 and 2


Mystery CAL 2021 Week 6 A: Assembly Part 1 and 2

Week 6 A: Assembly

Part 1 

Sew in all your ends/ make sure you have all the parts

You will need a needle and sewing thread. 

Part 2 

Please Note: if you don’t have webbing, skip this part 

Make the Bag. Take 2 of the panels you made in Week 4 and SC them together on three sides with one good and one wrong side together in Meadow (so both the flowers are up)

Starting with a standing SC in the corner CHSP of both squares, do another SC in the same CHSP, then picking up the inner loops of the corresponding stitches on both squares complete 3 sides, with 2SC 1CH 2SC in the corners. Ending in 2SC in the CHSP. Fasten off and sew in the ends. 

Turn your bag inside out and attach the webbing on the outside side edges, low down enough for support but still long enough so it’s comfortable to reach into. Attach with pins or safety pins first and try carrying the bag. Make sure the length of the webbing is comfortable for you to reach into the bag with your hand and still nearly reach the base of the bag.

Attach by hand sewing using a sharp needle and a double strand of sewing thread. Make small stitches along the edge of the webbing. Tuck under the cut edge of the webbing to make it look neat and stop it from fraying. 

You now have a bag with a long handle that you can carry on your shoulder or cross body.

This concludes the first part of the assembly. Make sure you finish this part before you can move onto the next part. 

Anja xxx