Dive into the vibrant world of Ophelia Talks Crochet, where we're not just about stitches and yarn but a thriving community that lives and breathes crochet. Our platform is a treasure trove of crochet wonders, offering everything from step-by-step tutorials and inspirational lookbooks to engaging live videos. Connect with fellow crochet enthusiasts on our Facebook page and group, and find everything you need to start your next project in our webshop, which boasts an extensive selection of yarn, accessories, and exclusive Crochet-a-long kits.

YouTube Adventures

Join us three times a week on YouTube for a delightful mix of content. Whether you're eager to start a new project or looking for tips to refine your technique, our tutorials have got you covered. For those larger endeavors, we'll entice you with a lookbook, providing a sneak peek of the final product and a dose of inspiration, all set against the backdrop of the UK's charming landscapes where I reside. These lookbooks often premiere with a live chat, allowing us to explore the creative journey together.

Tutorial Treasures

Our tutorials are your gateway to mastering crochet projects of all sizes. From essential information to pro tips for impeccable finishes, we've laid everything out under each video. Look out for links to yarns and patterns in the video descriptions, along with advice on sizing and detailed instructions for various designs. Plus, our unique blanket size guide is there to ensure your projects turn out just perfect.

Live Crochet Chronicles

Every Sunday, tune in for a live stream where I spill the beans on what's cooking in the Ophelia Talks crochet kitchen. Discover what projects and videos are set to dazzle you in the week ahead. Don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell to stay in the loop with our Wednesday and Friday video releases, and our Sunday live chats.

Social Media & Community

Our Facebook page is your go-to source for the latest tutorials, project highlights, and a sprinkle of crochet magic. The Ophelia Talks Facebook group is a sanctuary for sharing your project progress, seeking advice, and celebrating the art of crochet with a supportive community that's always there to help.

The Shop & More

Venture over to our webshop at www.opheliatalkscrochet.com, lovingly managed by my husband, Dirk. Here, you'll find an array of exclusive yarn packs, individual skeins from British top brands, and top-quality accessories to make your crochet experience even more delightful. We're passionate about bringing you patterns directly from our creative vault, available for purchase on our site and Ravelry.

About Our CALs

Our channel features Crochet-a-longs (CALs) that unite our community in crafting a project together. These CALs come with video guides, blog-posted patterns, and exclusive embellished patterns for purchase, creating an immersive and collaborative crochet experience.

Explore & Engage

With over 1000 videos, our channel is brimming with projects that will keep you hooked for hours on end. But that's just the beginning. We're constantly exploring new territories in the vast world of crochet, promising endless inspiration and crafting joy.

Join us on Instagram and TikTok for more crochet fun, under the names Ophelia Talks or Ophelia Talks Crochet. If you're passionate about crochet and eager to be part of a vibrant community, we'd love to welcome you aboard. 

There's always something new to discover and create with Ophelia Talks Crochet, where your crochet adventure never ends!