Do you ever get that rush of a warm feeling when you look at something that gave you immense joy and there it is still in all its glory in front of you and the memories start flooding back?

Like the little wild flowers children pick during a summer walk through the meadow and then when you came back home you realised they don’t quite fit into a vase.

After rummaging around in your cupboard under the sink, you end up putting them in an empty jam jar, and you place it on the kitchen windowsill as a little memory of that walk in the field?

The next morning when you stand at your sink looking out and you see the flowers sitting pretty in the jam jar they catch your eye and magically they make you smile, smile with the memory of the walk, smile with the memory of the prettiness of the blooms, and you feel that little bit of happiness… cheering you up for the rest of the day.

That is what I mean by the title of this CAL, the delicate blooms sitting in that jam jar, picked during a blissful moment, spreading happiness to all who see them … 

I want this blanket to be a jam jar full of blooms, spreading colourful memories of summer throughout the dark winter months, making us smile and giving us a warm feeling of happiness every time the blanket’s colours catch our eye. 

What will you need? 

You will need a Jam Jar Happiness yarn pack which consists of 15 balls of Wendy Supreme. 
The yarn is a DK weight and I will be using my trusted 3.5 hook (but the yarn is prescribed for a 4 hook). So use the hook you usually use for DK. 
It would be handy to have some stitch markers to help you with the counting and scissors as we are changing colours every row. There will be no ends to sew in so no needle is needed. 


The Jam Jar Happiness Blanket project will start on 23 September 2022.
For 6 weeks there will be weekly videos explaining part of the pattern allowing you to make the blanket.

Every week there will be a list of colours published on my blog, 30 rows per week, 5 weeks long for 150 rows in total.
Then there will be the border week.

There will be two videos for the border. 

The project’s videos will be released weekly, explaining the stitches used.

The second video for the week will be projects related to the Jam Jar Happiness Blanket, embellishments which you can make to add to the blanket or use for other projects as described. 

Dates to remember

The yarn pack will be available from 21 August during our soft launch during the Sunday Live Talk.  

The lookbook will be published on 23 August.

The information video will be published on 26 August and the yarn pack officially launched on that day too.

The yarn packs will remain available as a permanent pack. 


The first video for this project will be published on my channel as of 23 September in the Jam Jar Happiness PLAYLIST.

The other videos will be added throughout the weeks.

They will remain available forever. The pattern will be published weekly on my blog and will remain available forever.

An embellished pattern (digital download) will be available for you to purchase after the CAL has finished as a keepsake. 

I hope you will take part in our CAL to create this Jam Jar Happiness Blanket. 

Happy Crocheting,